5 free apps to make your work life easier

March 10,2017





There are music apps, shopping apps, diet apps - even thermometer apps! It’s fair to say we’re app-obsessed. But finding a useful app can be challenge. So here’s five of our favourites definitely worth a download.


Whether you are a bit of a scatterbrain or a complete control-freak, Trello is the answer you’ve been looking for. This free app allows you to create tasks, assign lists, build boards, collaborate with groups…there's nothing you can’t organise on here!

You can use it for everything - from a simple shopping list to coordinating a year long project with various students, deadlines or teams.  It’s very easy to use, and unlike some ed-tech software, you'll reap the benefits from day one. You can also create various boards to store lists which can be shared and edited by others - so it’s great for group assessments or projects.

Although this isn’t technically ed-tech, it’s certainly something everyone can benefit from at work!


It might already be a super popular app, but Dropbox has certainly earned it’s place in our favourite five. There are tons of file sharing apps around, but for something that is completely free, this one gets our vote. Like many great apps, the features are simple but work well. You can upload files to share with others or to access them on the go. Simple interface... simple features... does the job.


Another popular app on the list is Prezi. This great presentation builder will help you transform a boring slide-show into an eye-catching display - without wasting hours and hours of your time. You can build and edit the presentation online and sync it with your devices, so you can present with minimal effort or practice while you’re on the move. And the best bit? Learners can use it too – making Prezi a useful tool when creating evidence for their eportfolio.


Okay, this one might take a bit of convincing but trust me, this free app will make your entire week feel like a Friday afternoon! The concept is pretty simple; communicate with parents, learners and assessors…anytime, anywhere. Sounds just like any other messaging app, right? Wrong. The best feature here is that you never have to exchange details or even numbers. Security is the biggest selling point for Remind, so it keeps the safety of students and teachers at the centre of it’s work. Teachers can send exam reminders, parent announcements, and homework tips, knowing their personal details are completely secure and protected.


“If you’re explaining this to your granny, maybe just say it’s magic for your phone” – Zappar’s famous words. So no offence, but that’s exactly the approach I’m going to take here. This clever little app recognises images and objects and essentially brings them to life through your phone. Imagine hovering over a picture with your phone, and watching it turn into a video. This app has so much potential across the entire education sector - from collecting learner evidence to completing assessor worksheets.

This one will take a little more getting used to than the others, but it’s absolutely worth your time!


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