A homage to the coffee machine

April 27,2017





What's the one thing the OneFile team can't live without 

Learning and development? Technological innovation, maybe? Lunch even?  

Nope – it's coffee.  


Without a steaming mug of this caffeinated elixir, we can't function. Customer support advisors strain to pick up the phone, developers struggle to code and our creatives are just damn boring. But after an early morning shot of miracle juice, we’re full steam ahead 

So as you can imagine, our trusty coffee machine gets a bit of a battering.  

After years of loyal service, she's now struggling to grind enough dark roast for our espressos, americanos, or even lattes! And she seems to have totally forgotten what a 'proper brew' is. This is Manchester... in the North. We need a strong brew to see us through the afternoon – not this dishwater she's been dispensing recently.  

So a few months ago, we said 'enough is enough' and decided to invest in a new machine. In the spirit of democracy, we opened the decision to the people. We trialled 16-thousand machines and got into heated debate about crema, before finally casting our votes.  

This week, we welcomed the winning machine to the OneFile team, and now our mornings are brewtiful again.  

Words can't espresso how much our new machine beans to us. Now she's plugged in and ready to brew, we’re livin' la vida mocha.