What makes a good office chair? The real ROI

April 27,2017

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What makes a good office chair? The real ROI


At OneFile, we spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether we're preparing exciting product developments, coaching customers in the most effective ways to use our products or even – don't tell the boss – viewing the latest viral video, we can often be found proudly perched behind our desks.

As a result, our chairs have become our best friends: supportive, comforting, and dependable. And with friends like these, we enjoy sitting at our desks! Here's what makes our chairs so essential to our work.

Swivel and slide.

Is there a more satisfying feeling than propelling yourself over to a colleague on the other side of the office, using your chair as a jet-powered engine? Okay... maybe there are a few things that are more satisfying. But it's still a way to make the working day feel a little less slow – so we'd recommend you make sure your seat can slide.


Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

We have a diverse workforce here at OneFile, so we need chairs that can be adjusted to suit everyone. Make sure your chairs have the appropriate rests: head, arm, lumbar... even foot, if you don't mind your staff kicking back to have a nap every now and again.


Optional extras.

So far we've given you tips on chairs that'll make you happy to sit at your desk, but there are a few extras you could throw in to make your staff stay there 24/7. For instance, an integrated cup holder will ensure that your next caffeine fix is never far away, and a shiatsu massage function will lull your staff stress levels into an all-time low.


So if your rear needs a better place to rest, don't hes-seat-tate; treat your staff to shiny new office chairs, and reap the rewards of their revitalised zest for work.