Overcome with emulsion

April 27,2017





At OneFile, we're Manc through and through. We were born and bred in this rainy Northern sprawl we love to call home, so nothing pleases us more than giving back to our local community.  

With love in our hearts and anticipation in our bellies, we were excited to organise our next charity event. What would it be this time? Helping the homeless find shelter? Supporting local children in need? Rescuing kittens from trees? We spread the word to the local community and waited in earnest for an opportunity to give something back and really make a difference.  

After a few days, we were asked to help redevelop the Miners' Community Arts and Music Centre in Moston. They're transforming a neglected social club into a recording studio, music venue, drama space and community café for local young people.   

What an opportunity to make a difference!  

The next Oasis, The Stone Roses or The Smiths could be playing in the very studio we would be painting. We were overcome with emulsion at the mere thought of it!  

So we arrived, paint brushes in hand, ready to do our bit for the future of the Manchester music scene. 


Our task for the day was to paint the disabled toilet. Not the quite the critical activity we had in mind, but we were happy to help in any way we could. We set about painting said toilet and left it ready for use the following evening.  

We're thrilled to have played a part in revamping our local community centre. And while we may not have helped create an inspiring space for young musicians, at least they'll have a nice clean place to spend a penny.