The 10 commandments of tablet buying

March 10,2017




Here's a low down of the top 10 commandments if you're buying a new tablet.

Whether you’re looking to buy the latest device for work.. or simply want the best model for managing your social media addiction and watching Netflix... it's a minefield out there. We've had a long hard think about the most important things to consider when you hit the shops:

No. 10
Thin or thick?

Unlike a slab of chocolate or a wad of cash, with tablets – thin is in. Tablet marketers love to shout about their ‘brand new ultra-slim’ models… but in reality, anything thinner than 1cm (or the Romano base at Pizza Express) is fine.

No. 9
Screen size

Is bigger always better? Screen size is an important factor when choosing a tablet. Whether you're using it for work, playing games or watching films, make sure you get quality - so high megapixels. Head  to the high street and talk to the tech experts in store, they'll help with any questions you have.

No. 8

The processor speed is the maximum number of calculations per second the processor can perform, and therefore the number of instructions it can follow. Generally the larger the number, the faster and more powerful the processor - ideal for playing virtual reality video games.

No. 7

Storage is measured in gigabytes (GB) and is very important, but often overlooked. Think about whether you’ll be storing lots of videos, images and music and if you'll need to run big apps. Always check if more storage is available at an additional cost.

No. 6

The webcam is a video camera connected to your tablet. Nearly all tablets come with one built in, and quality is important. Look out for a front facing camera if you plan on using Skype/video conferencing or just like to take a #selfie.

No. 5

Planning to become the next Snapchat legend? Build your business on the go? Or create an eBay empire?  If so, you need to make sure your tablet is compatible. Not all operating systems support all apps, so check you'll be able to run the ones you need.

No. 4
Operating system

iOS (Apple), Android, Windows, Blackberry, HP?
The choice is yours, but make sure you choose wisely. Each have their pros and cons…
For a good look at your options, check out this comparison guide.

No. 3

For those who have been hibernating for the last decade, WiFi allows devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. All tablets support WiFi, so you can connect to different networks. You can also buy tablets with 3G access, so you can use your own internet on the go!

No. 2
Battery Life

One of life’s biggest bugbears… we can send man to the moon, but we can’t create a tablet battery that lasts a full day. Manufacturers make bold claims about battery life, but it all depends on how you use your device and what you use it for. Check out BTs top tips for extending battery life.

*Drum roll please*

No. 1

When you buy your tablet, it’s an investment. Always shop around for latest tablet deals. But remember, it’s likely this device will need to last you 2-3 years. Find one that runs the latest software, and can provide you with good performance. Buy from a reputable provider and (especially if you have small children) get it insured!




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